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0000296VisualDifferFolders differpublic2016-08-02 22:582016-08-21 16:33
0000296: VisualDiffer hangs when comparing two folders
I ran VD to compare two downloads folders. It worked well this morning and I managed to partially synchronize them. This afternoon, I tried to compare them again to fully sync them before deleting the older one. VD just started the process but never advanced. The bar at the bottom left stays gray.

After a while, there is some information saying I do not have access to the files in the newer folder, and VD freezes, or crashes (I tried a few times).

Very disturbing.
It is enough to relaunch VD (after a force quit) and it open the attached file and goes into the same problem.
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? compare Downloads.vdiff (1,830) 2016-08-02 22:58
? VisualDiffer_2016-08-02-122526_damla-MacBook-Pro-2014.crash (58,948) 2016-08-21 16:33
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2016-08-04 17:35   
The crash isn't a good thing, may you take a look at the log?
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