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0000299VisualDifferGeneralpublic2016-08-16 19:562016-08-16 19:56
0000299: ñ character not displayed properly and displayed as
Attached two files that reproduce the problem and a screenshot showing the unexpected result.

First, the character ñ is not displayed properly in either file. Left hand side is supposed to be encoded as Latin 1, right hand side as utf8. Changing the encoding does not change the incorrect output.

Second, the directory comparison tool reports that the files are different even though the file comparison reports that there are no differences. Comparison mode is set to: "Compare file content ignoring line ending differences".

If the directory diff finds differences, the file diff should as well and should let you resolve the differences.
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zip visualdiffer bug (337,902) 2016-08-16 19:56
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