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0000150VisualDifferGeneralpublic2013-03-03 15:23
ReporterdamlaAssigned Toadmin 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
PlatformMacBook Pro 2011OSSnow LeopardOS Version10.6.8
Product Version1.5.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000150: When doing a compare of large folders, the RAM id hogged more and more by Visual Differ
DescriptionI ran a compare of my user folder and a recent copy on an external drive. Visual differ seems to stall looking at some files of the Desktop. The computer was very sluggish. I checked with Activity monitor: VD was using 2.7 GB of RAM and close to 10 GB of virtual memory. And these numbers were increasing slowly.

I had to kill the process (but it was very hard because the CPU was chocked).
Steps To ReproduceRepeats the same way. VD starts with a few MB of RAM and as it proceeds (and seem to stall, actually), the amount of RAM increases regularly. I force quit it again at more than 2.8 GB of RAM.
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2013-02-20 12:32

administrator   ~0000216

This problem seems related to symbolic links, please try to uncheck 'follow symbolic links' from Preference panel (Folder tab) and run VisualDiffer again.

Please also check VisualDiffer log console (Menu View->Show log console), and system console (run and search if some message is relate to VisualDiffer)


2013-02-21 20:51

reporter   ~0000217

I ran VD with the symbolic links off.

Sorry but I cannot understand the VD log in the Console. Perhaps someone can help?

Alain Damlamian


2013-02-22 06:38

administrator   ~0000218

Don't worry about VD logs in the Console, it's really confuse

Running VD with symlink off does work?

VD on bottom bar shows the current path traverse may you know if this path is always the same, I suspect an infinite loop


2013-02-22 09:53

reporter   ~0000219

Indeed I think it was stuck on one file or folder.
The infinite loop is a serious possibility.
Should I try again?


2013-02-22 09:56

administrator   ~0000220

Yes, you can try with symlink turned off, then tell me if it works

Consider symlink turned off in many softwares like BeyondCompare, DeltaWalker and Araxis Merge is the default option


2013-02-22 18:29

reporter   ~0000221

I just tried again, comparing the Application folder on my internal drive and the one on a back-up.
VD started with some 200MB of real RAM. After two hours or so, it had gone up to more than 2.7 GB of actual RAM, chocking my Mac in the process. VD also showed as not responding in the ACtivity monitor window, so I had to kill it there to recover the RAM and have a functional Mac again. Sorry, by the end, I could not see whether the current path in VD was stuck or not, but I suspect it was, since VD was not responding.

This time for sure, symlink was off in the preferences of VD.
Does that help?


2013-02-23 08:10

administrator   ~0000222

I'm sorry but this can't help.
Honestly I supposed wrongly that the problem was related to a symlink.
I don't want to waste your time by I really need you help me to find the problem in your environment because on my two mac everything works.

So, if I can ask you to dedicate some time to VisualDiffer please make this test:
- Compare an /Application's subfolder , for example compare before /Applications/app1 and if it works move to /Applications/app2 and so on, one folder will hang up VisualDiffer and we can know which.

thanks for your support and infinite patience


2013-03-02 12:27

reporter   ~0000230


I tried again with the full Applications folders. This time it worked to the end, starting at around 50mB Ram and ending at 2.8GB RAM. Then, I must have move something and VD started the scan again, but could not go anywhere because my CPU's were completely choked.
It is worth noting that after finishing the comparative scan, during which VD grabbed more and more RAM, it never released RAM.
I think there lies the problem.


2013-03-02 12:57

administrator   ~0000231

I'm working to a version to fix memory leaks, but VD data structure uses too much memory and I'll start to refactor the code very soon.

I've modified VD to work correctly with sym link on (without crash)

Do you want to test a beta version with the following fix?

- fixed infinite loop when symbolic links are traversed
- reduced (but not completely resolved) memory leaks


2013-03-03 00:16

reporter   ~0000232

Why not try your new beta?
Let me know from where to get it.


2013-03-03 08:42

administrator   ~0000233

In attach to this bug you find the beta version

Unzip where you prefer but don't overwrite the application downloaded from MAS

This version should use less memory but it uses yet a lot, the crash caused from symbolic links should be fixed


2013-03-03 15:18

reporter   ~0000234


I tested the beta version. Same problem: the amount of real RAM used (according to Activity monitor) starts at a very small number and when doing the comparison, goes up to 2.6 GB. Then, the computer chokes, the only way out is to force close Visual Differ. I ran it without the symlink option, and I do not see any difference.



2013-03-03 15:23

administrator   ~0000235

Ok thanks for your help,

I do some more investigation, I keep you informed as soon as possible

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