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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000304    Folders differminorassigned (admin)2016-12-09Errors found while sync are not show
  000030111 Files differmajorassigned (admin)2016-09-06Option to ignore white space differences
  0000196 1 Files differfeatureacknowledged (admin)2016-09-06Option to ignore white space differences in file comparison
  0000300    Generalfeatureassigned (admin)2016-08-31Allow to swap the two sides in a folder compare window by just a single click.
  000029612 Folders differmajorassigned (admin)2016-08-21VisualDiffer hangs when comparing two folders
  0000299 1 Generalminorassigned (admin)2016-08-16ñ character not displayed properly and displayed as
  00002951   Files differmajorassigned (admin)2016-08-08Resource file size comparison wrong when large volumes involved
  00002971   Generalfeatureassigned (admin)2016-08-04Exporting Results
  00002981   Generalfeatureconfirmed (admin)2016-08-04Skip / Exclude contents of packages
  00002932   Files differmajorassigned (admin)2016-06-21Diff is never displayed
  00001666   Generalminorfeedback (admin)2016-06-20Would like preferences to allow choice of default comparison type
  000016718   Generalminorassigned (admin)2016-06-20Please add option to rename files and folders
  0000292    Generalminorassigned (admin)2016-05-20Add ability to maximize screen or remember last screen size in subsequent sessions
  00002881   Generalmajorassigned (admin)2016-03-10Can't delete folders from NAS
  00002834   Folders differmajorconfirmed (admin)2016-01-03Folder diff hangs when comparing content
  0000273 1 Files differfeatureassigned (admin)2015-10-27Please show char diff in file differ
  00002661   Files differfeatureassigned (admin)2015-08-16Compare .strings, .plist binary files
  000025912   Folders differminorassigned (admin)2015-06-14Copy issues after NAS drive firmware update
  0000263    Files differminorassigned (admin)2015-06-13Disable the copy of identical lines
  0000256    Files differfeatureassigned (admin)2015-04-13Need a way to ignore changes in comments
  00002541   Generalmajorassigned (admin)2015-03-28Issues copying file trees including empty folders
  00002551   Generalminorassigned (admin)2015-03-27Issue deleting folders with invisible files
  0000253    Folders differmajorassigned (admin)2015-03-27Issues finding differences purely of orphan empty folders
  00002511   Folders differmajorassigned (admin)2015-01-08Refresh doesn't work to reflect changes on files
  0000250    Folders differfeatureconfirmed (admin)2015-01-05Add an option to do copy in the background
  0000230    Folders differminorassigned (admin)2014-11-26Orphan file not colored correctly after move
  0000231    Folders differminorassigned (admin)2014-11-26Matching file not colored correctly after copy
  0000249    Generalfeatureassigned (admin)2014-11-21When folder view is fullscreen open file diffs on same screen
  0000248    Files differminorassigned (admin)2014-11-21Newline at end of file present on only one file isn't detected
  0000237    Generalcrashassigned (admin)2014-05-29Cancel document upgrade crashes app
  00002361   Files differfeatureassigned (admin)2014-05-28Use external editors like BBEdit for comparisons
  00002331   Files differminorassigned (admin)2014-04-12Feature Request: Soft Wrap
  00002281   Generalmajorconfirmed (admin)2014-02-14VD is slow over network
  000021331 Generalminorassigned (admin)2013-12-23Aliases are not correctly handled and D&D a file
  00002161   Generalfeatureassigned (admin)2013-12-10Print or Export Report
  0000215    Files differminorassigned (admin)2013-12-05The horizontal scroll of the text fields at bottom isn't synchronized
  00002071   Folders differminoracknowledged (admin)2013-11-17App allows one to compare a directory to itself
  00001824   Generalminorassigned (admin)2013-10-26Please add feature for "Move to Trash"
  00001922   Generalminorassigned (admin)2013-08-23Result windows does not appear on same display as initial dialog on multi-display setup
  00001892   Folders differminorassigned (admin)2013-07-21Folder Compare of Two Drives Stuck at private/var/spool/postfix
  0000183    Folders differminorassigned (admin)2013-07-08Touch action change selection
  00001761   Files differfeatureassigned (admin)2013-06-07Please add possibility to create patch files
  00001711   Generalfeatureassigned (admin)2013-05-06Feature request: Please allow drag and drop
  000012316   Files differmajorassigned (admin)2013-04-13files ending in ".zip" are totally excluded from view and analysis by VisualDiffer
  00001572   Files differfeatureconfirmed (admin)2013-04-01Allow more than one line in differ view at the bottom
  000015013   Generalmajorassigned (admin)2013-03-03When doing a compare of large folders, the RAM id hogged more and more by Visual Differ
  0000138    Files differminorassigned (admin)2012-12-06Go to line doesn't move position if line is filtered
  0000136    Files differminorassigned (admin)2012-11-30Unable to open LPDF files
  0000130    Folders differminorconfirmed (admin)2012-10-09Allow exclusion of subfolders
  000010421 Files differmajorconfirmed (admin)2012-03-27files differ struggles on line endings
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