Released 2024-01-09
0000367: [General] Not All Text Shown In Preferences → Confirmations (V. 1.8.9, can’t select that in the “Product Version” popup menu) (admin)
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Released 2023-12-09
0000360: [General] Icons associated with folders are not fully copied with "Copy to Right" (admin)
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Released 2022-01-02
0000345: [Folders differ] Missing folder icons (and colours) (admin)
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Released 2021-12-20
0000320: [Folders differ] Folder compare fails to detect a buried empty folder not on other side (admin)
0000342: [Folders differ] Would like to find differences in labels or tags assigned to folders. (admin)
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Released 2021-11-07
0000339: [General] The added "preferred viewer/editor" in not selected (admin)
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Released 2021-01-15
0000335: [General] New version crashing (admin)
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Released 2021-01-10
0000334: [General] Apple Silicon support (admin)
0000330: [Folders differ] Timestamp comparison reports file as different also after copy (admin)
0000329: [Folders differ] Mismatches are displayed, although everything has just been matched (admin)
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Released 2015-12-31
0000219: [Folders differ] Missing power assertions (admin)
0000274: [General] Colors seem to be all gray (admin)
0000280: [General] Compare by filename only (admin)
0000282: [Folders differ] After a file operation (sync, copy, move, delete) the bottom bar isn't updated (admin)
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Released 2015-10-24
0000261: [Files differ] Allow to hide/show line details (admin)
0000271: [General] The component path is corrupted in full screen (admin)
0000270: [Files differ] Move between files from file diff window (admin)
0000269: [Files differ] Persist the last set for "Show Whitespaces" and fillter type (admin)
0000264: [Folders differ] Folder icon doesn't show correctly its expand status (admin)
0000262: [Files differ] Show status counters like "left orphans", "matches", "differences" (admin)
0000260: [General] Returned incorrect secure URL (admin)
0000272: [General] Pressing ESC on full screen closes the window instead of exit from full screen (admin)
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Released 2015-02-16
0000238: [Folders differ] The rewind view isn't show correctly (admin)
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Released 2014-07-22
0000241: [Folders differ] Provide option to expand folders by default (admin)
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Released 2014-07-10
0000239: [General] Not all code is exposed (admin)
0000240: [General] trusted paths does not work after restarted (admin)
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Released 2014-04-24
0000226: [General] Trusted Paths Panel should allow to quicky select all invalid paths (admin)
0000234: [Folders differ] Allow to stop traversing filtered folders (admin)
0000232: [Files differ] Add a keyboard shortcut to copy lines (admin)
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Released 2014-02-26
0000190: [General] Allow Esc key to be used to exit application (admin)
0000218: [General] Copy and Sync folders set invalid file time on samba volumes (admin)
0000223: [Files differ] Equal files still marked as mismatch with 'Compare file content ignoring line endings'-option (admin)
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Released 2014-01-18
0000222: [Files differ] Can't directly open file after 'git difftool --dir-diff' due to git's use of symbolic links (admin)
0000210: [Folders differ] Path breadcrumbs contain a final / when VD is open from Finder (admin)
0000212: [Folders differ] Context menu doesn't appear when the selected item is a 'missing' path (admin)
0000214: [General] Context menu items do nothing clicking the empty area on path control (admin)
0000204: [Files differ] Resource fork difference not detected (admin)
0000201: [General] Target move/copy size is double what it should be (admin)
0000202: [Folders differ] Command+` key (backward single apostrophe) conflicts with system key (admin)
0000206: [General] Issue is display of filter options when rechecking them (admin)
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Released 2013-10-31
0000198: [General] Default filters are not passed to new sessions (admin)
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Released 2013-09-18
0000191: [General] Add a back button on search results to get back to the "Compare Folders or Files" dialog (admin)
0000194: [General] Save the trusted paths, even if they don't exist anymore (admin)
0000193: [General] Can't save the file in the right panel (admin)
0000186: [Files differ] Suggestion/request: optional ignore case of filenames (admin)
0000184: [Folders differ] Align files names with user defined rules (admin)
0000195: [Folders differ] Not recognizing the difference between files that have had their resource forks stripped. (admin)
0000163: [Folders differ] Folder size totals are often incorrect (Resource Forks) (admin)
0000162: [Files differ] When comparing files, need check resource fork also (admin)
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Released 2013-07-26
0000187: [Files differ] German umlaut in file name not recognized as same file (admin)
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Released 2013-07-17
0000177: [Folders differ] Incorrect counts on status bar if folders reading is stopped (admin)
0000174: [Folders differ] File list is shown empty switching from a display view to another (admin)
0000165: [General] Please add ability to compare finder (color) labels (admin)
0000175: [Folders differ] Choose dialog doesn't accept file dragged from Folder Diff View (admin)
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Released 2013-05-23
0000170: [Folders differ] Display filter set to 'No Orphan' hides not matching files (admin)
0000168: [Folders differ] Filter files from 'Excluding by name/ext' doesn't update the UI correctly (admin)
0000164: [General] Let user see and choose exclusion filters and compare options before initiating compare (admin)
0000156: [Folders differ] Show difference count per folder on status bar (admin)
0000161: [Folders differ] Folder timestamps misset when copying folders (admin)
0000169: [Files differ] The UI remains 'dirty' after saving file with modification (admin)
0000121: [General] copy does not preserve source file time stamps (admin)
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Released 2013-03-27
0000122: [Folders differ] Folder (package) containing a particular aliases see size hugely inflated (recursive alias?) (admin)
0000124: [General] Packages should be differentiated from folders in GUI (admin)
0000153: [Files differ] Delete lines from Left/Right' is dangerous (admin)
0000134: [General] visdiff does not work anymore, paths not recognized (admin)
0000127: [General] Always crashes while comparing system folders, in particular folder "JavaVM.framework" (admin)
0000147: [Folders differ] File copy progress dialog show negative number of copied files (admin)
0000149: [Folders differ] Application hangs up while stopping comparison (admin)
0000151: [Folders differ] Button to expand only one side (admin)
0000154: [Files differ] Would like to have 'Save' in contextual pop up (admin)
0000155: [Folders differ] Change the tolerance for date comparisons (admin)
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Released 2013-01-18
0000145: [General] Rejects a path to the root of a volume; especially severe with visdiff (cli exe) (admin)
0000141: [General] Cannot integrate with third-party apps. (admin)
0000133: [General] Visdiff shell command no longer work: Does not work with Dreamweaver any more after upgrading to 1.4.4 (admin)
0000139: [Folders differ] Allow to skip confirmation dialog for Copy/Move/Delete (admin)
0000143: [Files differ] When a file is deleted outside VisualDiffer don't ask to reload it (admin)
0000144: [General] "Open With" should show all possible compatible applications (admin)
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Released 2012-12-12
0000135: [Files differ] Option to just show 'file name' instead of 'path name' at the top (admin)
0000131: [Folders differ] Skip symbolic links while diffing (admin)
0000114: [Files differ] merge line-by-line not only entire file (admin)
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Released 2012-11-05
0000078: [Files differ] Make tab width user customizable (admin)
0000119: [General] This a feature request: integrate with QuickView inside VisualDiffer (admin)
0000118: [Files differ] Clicking on Just Matches when comparing two identical files causes a crash (admin)
0000125: [General] Date format fails to follow user preference as set in System Preferences (admin)
0000128: [Files differ] App crashes when clicking on "Just Matches" after clicking "Just Differences" (admin)
0000129: [General] Feature Request: Add Preferences option for width of tab characters (admin)
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Released 2012-07-09
0000108: [General] Show notification when a comparison is completed (admin)
0000116: [Files differ] Does not work with Dreamweaver any more after upgrading to 1.4.2 (admin)
0000117: [General] Can't delete files from NAS (admin)
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Released 2012-06-08
0000111: [Files differ] Show all lines after a drop operation also when current line visible filter is show just differences (admin)
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Released 2012-05-04
0000106: [Folders differ] Set to same width columns after a resize (admin)
0000107: [Folders differ] Show file size content based on column width (admin)
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Released 2012-03-07
0000096: [Folders differ] Add 'Move' to file actions (admin)
0000098: [General] Allow pathnames in exclude strings (admin)
0000097: [Folders differ] It is not possible to choose "Yes to All' when copying a single folder containing older files (admin)
0000095: [General] Copy file path to clipboard add two paths (admin)
0000102: [Files differ] Some long lines are not fully visible scrolling horizontally (admin)
0000101: [Folders differ] Allow default file filters to be edited (and stored) (admin)
0000103: [Folders differ] Add 'Set modification date' action (admin)
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Released 2011-11-06
0000084: [Files differ] Scrolling using trackpad start from top (admin)
0000083: [Folders differ] Destination status bar is not updated after copy (admin)
0000082: [Files differ] Horizontal scrolling is missing (admin)
0000079: [Files differ] Hide identical lines (admin)
0000076: [General] On Lion on quit ask to save untitled session but no session is new (admin)
0000017: [Files differ] Show sections count (admin)
0000030: [Folders differ] visual indicator for colorblind (admin)
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Released 2011-11-02
0000074: [Files differ] Add RTF support (admin)
0000050: [Folders differ] Progress bar (admin)
0000048: [Folders differ] Allow to copy/paste filters using string (admin)
0000066: [General] Add 'wait' switch to visdiff command line tool (admin)
0000067: [Folders differ] When copy files asks user what to do when destination file is newer than origin (admin)
0000069: [Files differ] Thumb doesn't show differences present at end of file (admin)
0000070: [General] Regression: Selected file in "New Diff" dialog doesn't go to path specified in input textboxes (admin)
0000071: [General] Make path controls more useful (admin)
0000072: [Files differ] File session saved from folders view show error message: Invalid differ type, maybe file is corrupted (admin)
0000073: [Files differ] Double click inside a diff section select all lines (admin)
0000006: [General] Show errors found into a console window (admin)
0000075: [General] Selected rows must show diff status preserving color (admin)
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Released 2011-08-19
0000063: [Folders differ] Deleting Files Causes Crash in Folder Compare (admin)
0000064: [Files differ] Allow to copy selected lines to clipboard (admin)
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Released 2011-08-08
0000055: [Folders differ] Add the ability to open the selected file (via Launch Services) (admin)
0000058: [General] Command line interface (or Applescript?) (admin)
0000053: [Folders differ] After swap sides the folder will collapse (admin)
0000056: [Folders differ] Show selected (or visible) file count on statusbar (admin)
0000057: [Files differ] Add thumbnail view (admin)
0000059: [Folders differ] Page jumps back to top after copying (admin)
0000060: [Folders differ] Lion: Collapsing folders doesn't refresh correctly (admin)
0000061: [Folders differ] Paths copied should be usable from Finder (admin)
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Released 2011-03-21
0000039: [Folders differ] Display filter is incorrect after copy (admin)
0000043: [Folders differ] Set 'show filtered' after delete shows the deleted file name (admin)
0000051: [Files differ] Move to first different at startup (admin)
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Released 2011-02-16
0000022: [Files differ] When diff is open from folder view mark document as not dirty (admin)
0000047: [Folders differ] Make Dock Icon bouncing when long tasks completes (admin)
0000042: [General] Synchronization feature (admin)
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Released 2011-01-20
0000027: [General] Single a-time operation (admin)
0000015: [Files differ] Allow to open file in finder and copy filename to clipboard (admin)
0000018: [Folders differ] Directory reading hangs up UI when there are many directory or when comparing content (admin)
0000019: [General] Feature Request (admin)
0000020: [Folders differ] Hang up while reading /Application (admin)
0000021: [Folders differ] The Delete Summary panel reports incorrectly 2 files when only one file is selected (admin)
0000026: [General] Progress status (admin)
0000028: [Folders differ] Empty Directory (admin)
0000029: [General] Default session (admin)
0000032: [Folders differ] Exclusion filter (admin)
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