Released 2013-03-27
0000122: [Folders differ] Folder (package) containing a particular aliases see size hugely inflated (recursive alias?) (admin)
0000124: [General] Packages should be differentiated from folders in GUI (admin)
0000153: [Files differ] Delete lines from Left/Right' is dangerous (admin)
0000134: [General] visdiff does not work anymore, paths not recognized (admin)
0000127: [General] Always crashes while comparing system folders, in particular folder "JavaVM.framework" (admin)
0000147: [Folders differ] File copy progress dialog show negative number of copied files (admin)
0000149: [Folders differ] Application hangs up while stopping comparison (admin)
0000151: [Folders differ] Button to expand only one side (admin)
0000154: [Files differ] Would like to have 'Save' in contextual pop up (admin)
0000155: [Folders differ] Change the tolerance for date comparisons (admin)
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