Released 2014-01-18
0000222: [Files differ] Can't directly open file after 'git difftool --dir-diff' due to git's use of symbolic links (admin)
0000210: [Folders differ] Path breadcrumbs contain a final / when VD is open from Finder (admin)
0000212: [Folders differ] Context menu doesn't appear when the selected item is a 'missing' path (admin)
0000214: [General] Context menu items do nothing clicking the empty area on path control (admin)
0000204: [Files differ] Resource fork difference not detected (admin)
0000201: [General] Target move/copy size is double what it should be (admin)
0000202: [Folders differ] Command+` key (backward single apostrophe) conflicts with system key (admin)
0000206: [General] Issue is display of filter options when rechecking them (admin)
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