Released 2011-11-02
0000074: [Files differ] Add RTF support (admin)
0000050: [Folders differ] Progress bar (admin)
0000048: [Folders differ] Allow to copy/paste filters using string (admin)
0000066: [General] Add 'wait' switch to visdiff command line tool (admin)
0000067: [Folders differ] When copy files asks user what to do when destination file is newer than origin (admin)
0000069: [Files differ] Thumb doesn't show differences present at end of file (admin)
0000070: [General] Regression: Selected file in "New Diff" dialog doesn't go to path specified in input textboxes (admin)
0000071: [General] Make path controls more useful (admin)
0000072: [Files differ] File session saved from folders view show error message: Invalid differ type, maybe file is corrupted (admin)
0000073: [Files differ] Double click inside a diff section select all lines (admin)
0000006: [General] Show errors found into a console window (admin)
0000075: [General] Selected rows must show diff status preserving color (admin)
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