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0000166VisualDifferGeneralpublic2016-06-20 21:10
Reportertkmantis Assigned Toadmin  
Status feedbackResolutionreopened 
PlatformMacintoshOSOS XOS Version10.6.8
Product Version1.5.1 
Summary0000166: Would like preferences to allow choice of default comparison type
DescriptionFeature Request: I would like to be able to set the default comparison type under preferences. This is especially wanted, if the request in ticket 0000164 is not provided.
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2013-04-08 08:58

administrator   ~0000251

Do you mean under Session Preference?

Under main preference (the tab 'General') it's already present


2013-04-08 15:34

reporter   ~0000258

I meant under File ... Preferences. But I was looking in version 1.5.1. I wanted to save in the Preferences my most common preferred choice for the drop down menu for the kind of comparison I would do.


2013-04-14 09:17

administrator   ~0000274

I missed something because Version 1.5.2 already allows to set preferences for current session.

The 'session preferences' is accessible from File->Session Preferences or from toolbar button


2013-04-15 02:58

reporter   ~0000275

Will the choice of default comparison type be remembered if the program is quit and restarted?


2013-04-15 06:25

administrator   ~0000276

Yes, you can set it from Application Preferences (menu VisualDiffer -> Preferences) or save the whole diff session (vdiff files).


2016-06-20 21:10

reporter   ~0000574

This was fixed, but more recently you added option to compare resource forks, and this choice cannot be saved to the defaults.

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