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0000186VisualDifferFiles differpublic2013-09-12 17:08
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Summary0000186: Suggestion/request: optional ignore case of filenames
DescriptionFor some reason I have various files where along the way the file names were changed for uppercase. Now, when comparing these files to the lowercase originals, they of course look like new files. Would it be possible/easy to add a switch that tells the program to (for the current session) ignore the case of filenames?

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2013-07-18 07:45

administrator   ~0000312

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The alignment algorithm is really primitive and you are right, a case insensitive alignment is necessary

It will added soon


2013-07-28 08:22

administrator   ~0000326

I'm working on this feature but I realized I can't ignore the file system case sensitivity, HFS can be formatted with ignore case or match case so letting user to choose should be dangerous.

VD must handle three cases

Left and Right file systems are both case sensitive => Work like now doing a match case alignment

Left and Right file system are both case insensitive => Align using a case insensitive match (as asked by you)

Left and Right are mixed (one is case sensitive the other side don't), this requires a deeper analysis, first search for perfect match (ie match case) then for best match


2013-07-29 12:41

reporter   ~0000327


I did not mean to suggest that the checking should by default ignore case, that does not seem right to me on a filesystem that is case sensitive (most of the time). Rather I meant to be able to ad-hoc have the user opt to ignore case for a particular 'compare' operation.


2013-07-29 12:58

administrator   ~0000328

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By default the case will be determined from file system but user will be able to choose (AT HIS OWN RISK, consider copy or move overwriting)

- detect from file system
- both side ignore case
- both side match case

The setting will be saved into session (or from application preference)

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