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0000189VisualDifferFolders differpublic2013-07-21 16:08
Reportermc_marky_markAssigned Toadmin 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
PlatformMacintoshOSMac OSOS Version10.7.5
Product Version1.5.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000189: Folder Compare of Two Drives Stuck at private/var/spool/postfix
DescriptionWhen comparing two entire drives, the comparison got stuck in the directory private/var/spool/postfix. Thinking VisualDiff had run out of memory at this point (or something like that) I started over, attempting to compare only the private folder on both drives. The comparison got stuck at the same place.
Steps To ReproduceTo repro this, I would simple try comparing the private folder on a drive with a backup of that drive.
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2013-07-21 15:59

reporter   ~0000322

Sorry, I made a mistake giving directory where the app got stuck. It should be private/var/spool/public -- not private/var/spool/postfix


2013-07-21 16:08

administrator   ~0000323

I don't have a machine with Lion so I can't try just now, I used Mountain Lion.

On my env I don't have a final 'public' folder so I've started from /private on both local and the time machine disk but VisualDiffer runs correctly.

I see many permission errors on error console, do you have them, too?
BTW the permission errors are correct.

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