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0000191VisualDifferGeneralpublic2013-09-12 17:10
Reporterbernie Assigned Toadmin  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
OSOSXOS Version10.8 
Product Version1.5.5 
Fixed in Version1.5.6 
Summary0000191: Add a back button on search results to get back to the "Compare Folders or Files" dialog
DescriptionIt would be useful if there was a back button in the search results window to do a follow on compare.
Currently you have to close the results, cancel the save results, and open a new search dialog.

Would also be nice if the "Save Results" confirmation was an option in Preferences, since I have never needed to save any results.
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2013-08-23 09:32

administrator   ~0000330

Last edited: 2013-08-23 09:33

Added a "Don't ask to save document" directly into Save Dialog.
The first time the user sees this dialog he can check the button and the dialog will never appear.
To restore it, simply select "Save as..." from File menu and unselect the checkbox

If message isn't clear please let me know (my english is ugly)

Below a sample screenshot


2013-08-23 12:14

reporter   ~0000332

Overlooked fact that drag and drop can be used in result window, so less of a need for a back button.

Yep, great to be able to disable the save prompt - thanks.
Picture has prompt
   "Don't ask to save the session when contains modifications"
I would say that a session gives results rather than modifications, since user did not modify anything, maybe:
   "Don't ask to save results" or
   "Don't prompt to save changes to results" or
   "Always prompt to save results" (if inverse option is used and defaults to True initially)

I guess the modal dialog on window close can't contain the tick box, so might be easier to discover option in Preferences, since there is already a Confirmations section.


2013-08-23 12:51

administrator   ~0000333

Mmm the save prompt appears only if you change some setting, like the comparison type (only size, file content, ...) or filters but maybe I have not understood.

> I guess the modal dialog on window close can't contain the tick box

You are right, I can try to place the checkbox on "Do you want to save the changes made to the document?" instead of on Save dialog.
User can never see the save dialog if every time click on "don't save"

> so might be easier to discover option in Preferences, since there is already a Confirmations section.

Sure the new confirmation will be present on Preference tab, too.
Users rarely (like me) go to preferences to see what is possible so show the check box in some other point of UI should help user to discover this new feature


2013-08-23 13:44

reporter   ~0000335

Don't know why, but the File or Folder comparison window always prompts me to Save Changes, even if the comparison results are the same, and without changing any options.


2013-08-23 14:23

administrator   ~0000336

Last edited: 2013-08-23 14:24

This behavior is by design but talking with you I'm realizing it isn't consistent.


1. when a comparison (folders or files) starts from the main dialog must not ask to save if user doesn't change anything
2. if user changes some setting then the save prompt correctly appears, the prompt contains a checkbox to suppress successive prompts

Is it really necessary to allow to disable prompt if the comparison can be closed (without prompt) when no setting is changed?


2013-08-23 15:20

reporter   ~0000337

I can see the use of saving results, but I would hardly use this option myself.

I think the changing settings is a bit confusing - what info is saved:
1) The result set, with or without display info (eg collapsed/expanded state)
2) The users display/comparison preferences - is this just for the window, or updating the default settings?

Since it is a document based app, I can see why it is prompting on windows closed (which is the norm), but I find myself always cancelling this.
I didn't realise CMD+D dismissed the dialog, which makes it easier to use now.

If the document is already a saved result set, and I refresh it, or drag a new directory onto it, then I think prompting save changes makes sense,
but I use the app more like a one-off comparison, so feel "untitled" results are more throw away to me, hence why I thought an option might be useful.

I guess people always use apps differently, so have preferences to customise behaviour is a bonus.


2013-08-23 16:35

administrator   ~0000338

"changing settings" means everything relative to comparison

- paths
- comparison type (only size, file content, ...)
- filters
- file name alignments (in next version)

And not strictly related to comparison

- display filter (all, only orphans, ...)
- folders auto expand

Any change to properties listed above marks the session as changed

> 2) The users display/comparison preferences - is this just for the window, or updating the default settings?

Defaults settings (except filters) can be changed only from Preference, everything is mainly a session settings

BTW If you agree I will do

1. A new comparison started from main dialog doesn't ask for save, no matters the flags marked in the checkbox
2. If an user modified some properties (listed above) than the session/document is marked as changed and the 'save prompt' should appear
3. The 'save prompt' appears if the users hasn't checked the confirmation flag
4. The confirmation flag can be set/unset from Confirmation panel in Preference dialog
5. The confirmation flag can be set also from the 'save prompt' dialog (not the save panel but the 'do you want to save....' alert dialog)


2013-08-23 17:36

reporter   ~0000339

Sounds good, cheers.

Understand if you set up a lot of filters etc, you would want to save them :)

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