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0000204VisualDifferFiles differpublic2013-12-11 16:38
Reportertkmantis Assigned Toadmin  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMacBookPro Early 2011OSOS X Snow LeopardOS Version10.6.8
Product Version1.5.6 
Fixed in Version1.5.8 
Summary0000204: Resource fork difference not detected
DescriptionChose option to check resource forks. I had two files that were identical except that I corrupted one byte of the resource fork of one file with a hex editor. The files showed up as identical.
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2013-11-10 08:34

administrator   ~0000394

May you zip the two files and send them to me?

I've duplicated a resource fork file, changed only one byte on the duplicated (with HexEdit) and VD found the difference.

I used 'File content only' as comparison method


2013-11-17 05:42

reporter   ~0000398

Test data uploaded to this ticket.


2013-11-17 05:43

reporter (10,975 bytes)


2013-11-18 09:41

administrator   ~0000403

The files in test data appear identical, so I've done the following test.

1. Started VD and compared (using 'Compare file content only')
2. Files are identical
3. From HexEdit edited the file on directory 'A' (changed only one byte) and saved
4. Started again VD that found they are different

Maybe I do something in the wrong manner


2013-11-18 18:48

reporter   ~0000405

The files I sent already have a resource difference that can be detected by Toast CD burning software in its utility function to binary compare files or folders.


2013-11-18 19:05

administrator   ~0000406

I've compared files with HexEdit and it hasn't found any difference


2013-12-01 16:06

reporter   ~0000415

Yes the resource forks are different in the test files I supplied. Take a closer look with hexedit, see attached pic.


2013-12-01 16:06



2013-12-01 17:12

administrator   ~0000417

My fault, I didn't choose 'resource' from open dialog and 'default' opens the data that are identical.

Ok I try to understand how to fix this bug

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