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0000223VisualDifferFiles differpublic2014-02-23 09:25
Reporterjarown Assigned Toadmin  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMacOSOSXOS VersionMavericks
Fixed in Version1.5.9 
Summary0000223: Equal files still marked as mismatch with 'Compare file content ignoring line endings'-option
DescriptionWhen I compare two directory-trees I use the 'Compare file content ignoring line endings'-option and select 'Only Mismatches'.

But when I click a 'mismatch' (red filename) no content-differences are found. So that file shouldn't be presented as a mismatch.
Steps To ReproduceSettings:
- Compare the /Unix-LF/ and /DOS-CR-LF/ directories from the attachment (they each contain only 1 file)
- select: 'Compare file content ignoring line endings'
- select: 'Only Mismatches'
- 'README.txt' is marked red
- Doubleclick it (use VisualDiffer diff-tool): no content-differences are found

Things that *are* different:
- timestamp
- filesize (because of different line endings, I assume)
- line endings: DOS (CR+LF) vs Unix (LF)

But since I chose 'compare file content' I'd expect those criteria are ignored.
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2014-01-16 14:28

reporter (6,160 bytes)


2014-01-16 18:13

administrator   ~0000463

The bug has been fixed in v1.5.8 I hope to submit it to Apple in a couple of weeks.

Thanks to attach the test files.

Please apologize for the problem


2014-01-17 09:05

reporter   ~0000464

Thanks again for the quick reply and fix! Can't wait to get 1.5.8 :)


2014-02-14 12:53

reporter   ~0000478

I'm afraid the problem is still present in 1.5.8. The example in the currently attached file works fine, but now I have the same problem with another file: marked as different, but no differences found when doubleclicked.

I created a new zip with a new diff-example. Looks like I can't attach it to the issue now.


2014-02-14 12:55


visualdiffer_crlf (255,328 bytes)


2014-02-14 12:55

reporter   ~0000479

Added the new attachment (visualdiffer_crlf README.txt is handled correctly, problem occurs in HTMLPurifier.standalone.php.

Tx in advance!


2014-02-14 13:48

administrator   ~0000480

Tx for your patience and your feedback, I'm investigating why check routine fails.

I will inform you when I fix this bug


2014-02-16 11:13

administrator   ~0000481

Bug fixed, if you find other incorrect matches please send me file or if you prefer I can send to you a version with this bug fix

please apologize me for code regression


2014-02-17 08:58

reporter   ~0000482

Hi, no problem and thanks again for the quick fix! I'd like to get the version with the fix, so I can betatest it.


2014-02-17 18:01

administrator   ~0000483

Ok, you can find the alpha version at

How to run

1. unzip where you prefer (also your home is fine), do not overwrite the MAS version
2. run and use it

Consider this version contains other modifications under construction so please focus your attention on the "DOS new line" regression

Don't worry if version number is equal to MAS version

Thanks for your infinite patience


2014-02-18 08:57

reporter   ~0000484


I tried this version right away and it works like a charm! Thanks!



2014-02-18 09:32

administrator   ~0000485

Oh great!!

I hope to publish 1.5.9 in two weeks.

When I'll publish the fixed version I will close this bug, if you encounter new problem feel free to reopen it (but I hope this time the bug is definitively closed)

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