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0000027VisualDifferGeneralpublic2011-01-21 14:30
ReporterLokagan Assigned Toadmin  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformiMac 10,1OSMacOS XOS Version10.6.6
Target Version1.1Fixed in Version1.1 
Summary0000027: Single a-time operation
DescriptionWhen operating (view, compare, copy), instead of progressive refresh screen, the GUI refresh only when operation is finished. This occurs that is no possibility to operate other operation during one is processing.

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duplicate of 0000018 closedadmin Directory reading hangs up UI when there are many directory or when comparing content 



2011-01-15 12:42

administrator   ~0000015

Version 1.1 will be more reactive **BUT** the actual implementation doesn't allow to do multiple operation together but it is planned to change current behavior

I hope to release v1.1 in a couple of weeks (plus Apple approval time)


2011-01-15 16:15

reporter   ~0000026

Imagine that the software is use for samba/ftp synchronization (as I use it !), because of "low speed" transfer, the software simply hangup until current process is finishing. At this time, GUI simply freeze until operation is finished... and I have Big files...
Best way to solve "this" is, as I'm thinking, to simply refresh screen after one to one file comparison report.


2011-01-15 16:23

administrator   ~0000027

I've already implemented and it will present in closer version 1.1 a progress indicator file per file.

When a copy (or delete) starts the progress indicator shows
- the current file path
- a progress bar
- the number of files left to copy
- the total amount of bytes (show in the form 123,45KB/MB/GB) left to copy

one 'stop' button so user can cancel the operation in progress.

The panel is modal but the UI isn't frozen because a separated thread processes the progress


2011-01-15 18:37

reporter   ~0000031

In this case, I suggest you to add a pending list of copy operation in order to "simulate" a multitasking application ;)

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