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0000274VisualDifferGeneralpublic2015-12-19 09:25
ReporterHatti Assigned Toadmin  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMac miniOSOS 9OS Version10.9.5
Product Version1.6.4 
Fixed in Version1.6.6 
Summary0000274: Colors seem to be all gray
DescriptionIn the last version (1.6.3 ?) colors were shown as described in the Forlders Color Legend of VsualDififfer Help. In the new version, they seem to be all more gray than colorful (see screenshot).
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2015-11-02 09:52



2015-11-03 18:03

administrator   ~0000555

You are right, on my monitor the saturation doesn't show this effect but on different monitor it does.

I'm working to redraw icons


2015-11-08 21:05

reporter   ~0000557

I am having the same issue. Late 2013 iMAC, running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5


2015-11-15 09:21

administrator   ~0000558

I'm trying to make a better color combination, what do you think about the new one shown in screenshoot?


2015-11-17 19:23

reporter   ~0000560

Is there anyway you can roll me back to where i can see the colors differently. I'm trying to do a massive sync, but i can't even tell whats missing and whats not.

please let me know.



2015-11-18 16:27

administrator   ~0000561

Hi Jeff, no way to rollback.
I'm working to fix the problem


2015-11-24 02:35

reporter   ~0000562

I am having the same problem - the folder colours are all very grey with little difference between them - I am using it on a new 5K iMac running El Capitan.

Re new colours, I would prefer a bigger colour contrast - purple/green or blue/yellow etc - that new dark blue is quite similar to the dark grey/black...

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