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0000297VisualDifferGeneralpublic2016-08-04 17:31
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PlatformAppleOSOSXOS Version10.11.16
Product Version1.6.6 
Summary0000297: Exporting Results

There is a Save As option which creates a vdiff file, but this does not have the results, only the settings.
Are there any options to export the results?

Copy and paste works OK just for the visible file paths on one side, but it does not include blank rows, so if I want to save it to a spreadsheet for both sides, they won't line up. Would it be possible to include the blank rows in the copy/paste?

It would be nice to has some export options as tab separated values (just path, or path,size,date) for the visible rows and/or all rows. An XML export option could also keep the hierarchy (with size and date as attributes).

Many thanks

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2016-08-04 17:31

administrator   ~0000578

Honestly I never considered to export results, it requires a lot of work but something can be done.

Which is your priority? Files or Folders reports?

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