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0000320VisualDifferFolders differpublic2021-01-03 09:59
ReportertkmantisAssigned Toadmin 
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Product Version1.6.6 
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Summary0000320: Folder compare fails to detect a buried empty folder not on other side
DescriptionIf I have an empty folder buried in one side of the comparison several levels deep and the other side of the comparison is the same except that empty folder is missing, I cannot see that there is a difference. Sometimes I might have a note to myself as the name of an empty folder and I would like to be able to detect if such empty folder is missing on one side of a folder comparision.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start with two empty disk partitions or two empty folders named "a" and "b".
2. These will become the left and right side of a folder compare.
3. Make a new empty folder in "a" and do not open it (do not create a .DS_Store inside of it)
4. Copy that empty new folder into "b"
5. Copy the new folder from "a" inside of the new folder you just copied to "b" so that "b" has a buried empty folder
6. Do a compare of "a" and "b" in visual differ
7. Observe that the two folders shown in Visual Differ appear gray, as in no difference.

Realize that while one can expand the folders in Visual Differ to look, in a real compare, there will be thousands of files and folders and that an empty folder could be buried deep. I would like to be able to tell if there is a difference, even if the difference is only the presence or absence of an empty folder.
Additional InformationQuestion: Are you still maintaining this app? There has been no update in almost a year.
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