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0000354VisualDifferFolders differpublic2022-06-02 10:13
ReporterPaulH Assigned Toadmin  
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Product Version1.8.7 
Summary0000354: Unnecessary rescanning of folder contents
DescriptionAs there was no trial version, I've bought and started to use VisualDiffer.

I'm comparing two versions of music folders to identify any differences in contents, there are about 28K files in each folder.

Whenever I switch between the filter options (All | Only Mismatches | Only Matches | No Orphans | Only Orphans)
it takes two minutes display the result, and folder names flash by at the bottom of the window.

It seems that whenever the filter changes, VisualDiffer is rescanning the folders - rather than just filtering the display of an in storage table that was built during the initial scan.

Is my understanding correct? Is there a way to avoid this rescanning?

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2022-06-02 10:13

administrator   ~0000738

This seems a bug, I'm investigating

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