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Summary0000358: Proposal for Efficient Compare over network
DescriptionI often use Visual Differ to compare a local folder on one Mac to a folder on another MAC on my LAN (Local Area Network) hosting an AFP or SMB share. I find the scan/compare of the file metadata is much slower over the network. I believe this is because when Visual Differ walks the directory trees it sends many small network requests to the Mac hosting the file share to query the file attributes of each file such as date, size, tags, labels, etc. When there are thousands of files to hundreds of thousands of files, this time adds ups, even if done over Ethernet instead of Wifi.

It would be nice if a compare over the network could work more efficiently as follows:

1) Visual Differ would be enhanced to include a background process that is able to receive requests from other copies of Visual Differ running on the same LAN.
2) If user starts a compare and Visual Differ detects that a folder to be compared is on another MAC on the LAN (SMB or AFP share)...
3) Check if that Mac hosting the file share also has Visual Differ software installed
4) If the Hosting Mac has Visual Differ software installed, the Mac performing the compare sends a request to the background process running in the Hosting Mac, indicating a folder on the share.
5) The background process would enumerate the contents of that folder creating a list of all files, sizes, dates, labels, resource sizes, etc and create a data blob to send over the LAN as a single object back to the Visual Differ instance that needs it.
6) The Visual Differ running the compare can then use the blob of data received in step 5 for all comparison matching tasks, making new network requests only if file content comparison is requested, or when a user acts on the result of the comparison to copy or delete files.

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