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0000360VisualDifferGeneralpublic2023-03-01 13:01
Reportertkmantis Assigned Toadmin  
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.8.7 
Summary0000360: Icons associated with folders are not fully copied with "Copy to Right"
DescriptionWhen folders with custom icons are copied with Visual Differ, the custom icons may not appear in the copy when later viewed in the Finder.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create two empty folders, "test" and "test2". Create an empty folder within "test", "FolderWithHDImage". Get info on that folder. Paste a custom graphic over the icon in the Finder. You should end up with something like 1.png

2. In Visual Differ Comparison settings, turn on "Check Resource Forks" (2.png)

3. Run the compare (3.png)

4. In the comparison result, copy "FolderWithHDImage" to the right (4.png)

5. See that it is done within Visual Differ. An Icon file shows on each side (5.png).

6. The Finder does not show the icon correctly in the folder inside of "test2". (6a.png and 6b.png). Why? Did Visual Differ miss a step in the copy process? Copying the folder directly in the Finder does NOT cause this.
Additional InformationWhile I rated this "minor", I hope you can look at it soon, as I have this issue in some data collections that I wish to synchronize. I hope that after you fix this, the tool will be able to detect where it was mishandled before, by doing a new comparison.

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2023-02-20 04:49


6b.png (173,021 bytes)   
6b.png (173,021 bytes)   
6a.png (147,302 bytes)   
6a.png (147,302 bytes)   
5.png (232,905 bytes)   
5.png (232,905 bytes)   
4.png (506,992 bytes)
3.png (106,277 bytes)   
3.png (106,277 bytes)   
2.png (587,953 bytes)
1.png (117,171 bytes)   
1.png (117,171 bytes)   

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