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0000364VisualDifferGeneralpublic2023-07-07 10:37
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Product Version1.8.7 
Summary0000364: Would really like macOS "Drag & Drop" functions between VisualDiffer left and right windows
DescriptionYou could sell a lot more copies of VisualDiffer if you added full drag-and-drop functions between left and right VD window panels..... seriously.

I and perhaps many other MacOS folder diff users want to quickly copy or move files or folders from one window panel location to the other window panel location. Dragging and dropping is the fastest method in most cases. The app Beyond Compare which I also own has many great features but provides no Drag & Drop functions between left and right window panels for folder comparisons, though it has been a much requested feature by BC users for years. I spent $5-US just to see if VisualDiffer provided Drag & Drop functions between window panels that allowed copying or moving files/folders.... yet unfortunately it does not.

Many "Beyond Compare" users would pay $5 if "Drag & Drop" of files or folders between window panels was the only feature VisualDiffer provided.
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