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0000255VisualDifferGeneralpublic2015-03-27 16:33
Reportertkmantis Assigned Toadmin  
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PlatformMac OS XOSSnow LeopardOS Version10.6.8
Summary0000255: Issue deleting folders with invisible files
DescriptionIf I right click on a folder in a comparison report and choose to delete it, the folder will not be completely deleted if there are .DS_Store files inside of it. I would like an option to be able to delete a folder completely even if there are filtered files inside of it (perhaps with a popup warning listing the filtered files before deletion and/or an option to force the delete if the filtered files are only .DS_Store files).
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2015-03-27 16:33

administrator   ~0000538

If you click on the "Filtered" button you will see all files including filtered, deleting the folder everything is deleted

The confirm delete dialog shows the warning message

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