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0000283VisualDifferFolders differpublic2016-01-03 08:21
Reportertony Assigned Toadmin  
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
PlatformMacintoshOSOSXOS Version10.11.2
Product Version1.6.4 
Summary0000283: Folder diff hangs when comparing content
DescriptionAny attempt to diff two folders just hangs if comparing content.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create two directories
2. Put same single text file in both directories
3. Diff the folders using "Compare file timestamp, size and content"
Additional InformationI noticed that there is a version 1.6.5 that lists fixes for El Capitan. The Apple App store shows the version as 1.6.5, but when I delete my current copy and install it I still get 1.6.43. Not sure if that is the problem.

I have used VisualDiffer previously with no issues, but have updated to MacOS X 10.11.2 recently.
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2015-12-19 20:32

reporter   ~0000566

Doing a file diff of the single file in each directory does still work.


2015-12-20 08:38

administrator   ~0000567

I've submitted to Apple a fixed version, the bug seems to affect only OSX 10.11, Apple must approve this version (1.6.6) I think only after the christmas holidays.

About version number there are internal (1.6.43) and public numbers (1.6.5) so you can ignore this difference.

Now I've aligned the numbers and the next will have 1.6.60 as internal value and 1.6.6 as public


2016-01-03 04:10

reporter   ~0000568

Confirmed fixed in 1.6.60. Thx.


2016-01-03 08:21

administrator   ~0000569

thanks for feedback :)

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