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0000288VisualDifferGeneralpublic2016-03-10 14:09
ReporterPacoramique Assigned Toadmin  
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PlatformMacPro 2x2.8 Quad CoreOSMac OSXOS Version10.9.2 +
Product Version1.6.6 
Summary0000288: Can't delete folders from NAS

A comparison between a NAS RAID5 volume (Left) and a HFS+ disk volume (Right).

The command MOVE TO RIGHT copy the folder and the content, then delete the folder content on Left, but not the folder.

The command DELETE folder don't delete it on Left.

The folder deletion from OSX Finder works well.
All permissions are Read/Write for everyone on NAS.

Any idea ?

Steps To ReproduceI have tried from different Mac, OSX and NAS device with same issue.
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2016-03-10 14:09

administrator   ~0000571

So, is the content deleted but the folders are lefts empty?

Please check if folders contain filtered files (like .DS_Store), or simply turn off from VD all filters.

VD doesn't delete folders containing filtered files (ie files not visible from VD UI but present on disk)

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