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0000298VisualDifferGeneralpublic2016-08-04 17:28
Reporterbernie Assigned Toadmin  
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PlatformAppleOSOSXOS Version10.11.6
Product Version1.6.6 
Summary0000298: Skip / Exclude contents of packages

I wanted to compare two Application folders. I understand that Visual Differ will traverse the contents of the application packages to work out size & differences.

I noticed there was a session preference for "Skip Packages" but this leaves the packages out completely.
Is there an option the treat packages as files, thus include them (and presume the contents needs parsing to work out differences) but treat then as leaf nodes, so "Expand All" does not traverse them.

Depending on the comparison settings, not checking all items in the package might have less of an overhead (?)


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2016-08-04 17:27

administrator   ~0000577

Actually there isn't an option to treat the package as a file but I'm considering to change 'skip packages' to 'treat packages like files'.

Honestly the 'skip' feature is a bit useless

I hope to fix and release very soon

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