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0000236VisualDifferFiles differpublic2014-05-28 14:25
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Product Version1.6.0 
Summary0000236: Use external editors like BBEdit for comparisons
DescriptionVisualDiffer works great to show the differences between to folders, but the file comparison viewer is not quite there yet for me.
Would be great if we could set the default editor for file comparisons. That way, by double clicking on one of the changed files, our external editor of choice (e.g. BBEdit) would open with the file comparison, instead of the VisualDiffer's internal one.
An app that does this, is Nub from the AppStore, but VisualDiffer is so much better in all other respects.

Current workaround I am using is control click on each of the file and select to open the file in e.g. BBEdit, then run the file comparison in that app. But then the process is slow and convoluted if you have to do this for many files.
Steps To Reproduce1. Compare two folder structures
2. Double click on a changed file to view their differences
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2014-05-28 14:25

administrator   ~0000496

The idea sounds interesing.

I hope to implement in next version

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