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Summary0000315: mergining multiple itunes folders

I have multiple iTunes libraries that I'd like to merge into a single mega-library, without dupes.

I'm pretty sure that I can figure it out eventually, but since this seems perfect for Visual Differ, I was wondering if there was a step-by-step that you're aware of... or a video guide or something like that....?

If not, I think I can make it work, just wondering if someone has already done this and left instructions for the rest of us...

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2018-08-29 06:03

administrator   ~0000592

No tutorial exists about merging multiple sources, just some hint:

- be sure to make a copy before start, if you accidentally delete/overwrite some files you can restore them. When you finish you can delete the copy
- do not match by file content, should be very very very very slow and inaccurate (two audio files can be "identical" by content but differ by file size)
- starting comparing two folders and merge them, then compare the merged folder with another

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