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0000317VisualDifferFiles differpublic2021-01-02 15:05
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Summary0000317: Error comparing .m4a Files
DescriptionI get the attached text encoding error when trying to compare content of two .m4a files of the same some ripped on separate occasions and having the same file attributes except file size. Same issue occurs trying to compare content of .tiff files that should be identical. Am I doing something wrong or is it impossible to compare the content of music or photo files this way? The VisualDiffer help info really doesn't cover this aspect of comparing individual files or list the file types that can/can't be compared. Thanks.
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2018-09-25 22:54


VisualDiff Error when comparing m4a files.tiff (359,046 bytes)


2018-09-26 05:45

administrator   ~0000593

I'm sorry but VisualDiffer is mainly used to compare plain text files (source code, markdown, html files) so it doesn't work well with binary files like images or audio.

VisualDiffer can compare binary files but only to determine if "something is different" when size is identical, no special comparison is applied to this type of content

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