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Summary0000337: Can Visual Differ copy empty folders
DescriptionI'm the Supervising Editor on a project with several video editors. I have set up a folder structure template I want all the editors to use.

When I use VisualDiffer to compare my master drive with my backup drives, VisualDiffer is splendid except when it comes to empty folders. VisualDiffer will not copy empty folders over to my backup drives. This isn't a huge deal; it's just that the folder structure that I've created isn't getting copied across because any empty folders get skipped.

Is there a setting in Preferences that tells VisualDiffer to copy over empty folders as well? Again, not a huge deal; I'm sure there's a technical reason VisualDiffer ignores those folders. I just wanted to ask in case there's a Preference setting that I'm missing.
Steps To Reproduce– Put empty folders on the master drive.
– Use VisualDiffer to compare master vs backup drive (Compare File Sizes, Only Mismatches).
– Copy to Right
– On right, Delete anything that isn't on the Left side.
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2021-02-24 11:30


empty_folders_skipped.png (69,836 bytes)   
empty_folders_skipped.png (69,836 bytes)   


2021-02-24 11:38

administrator   ~0000634


by default empty folders are not visible but if you click on "Empty" in the "Folders" scope bar you will see them and will be copied

Here a screen shot


2021-02-24 12:02

reporter   ~0000635

Perfect! Thank you!

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