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0000338VisualDifferFolders differpublic2021-03-09 06:53
Reporterkazu28403Assigned Toadmin 
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Summary0000338: DocumentRevisions-V100-bad-1 folder on clone drive
DescriptionI have one edit drive and two backups. Both backups are basically clones of the edit drive.

In VisualDiffer, after comparing, I'll delete mismatched files on the right side (backup), then Copy to Right everything (including Empty folders) from the edit drive (left). I copy the empty folders because I have video projects and want to copy the entire folder structure I have on the edit drive onto the backup drives.

One of the backup drives backs up perfectly, no problems.

Whenever I do a backup onto the second backup drive, I always get a folder, "DocumentRevisions-V100-bad-1". I always have to delete it every time I do a backup.

All three drives are the same brand and model (WD Elements 4 TB).

Is there a way to stop getting the "DocumentRevisions-V100-bad-1" folder on the second backup drive?
Steps To ReproduceYou would have to have my drives
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2021-03-04 07:40


DocumentRevisions-V100-bad-1.png (335,665 bytes)


2021-03-04 08:09

administrator   ~0000636

Does the folder "DocumentRevisions-V100-bad-1" appear only when you use VisualDiffer?
Is the second drive used by Time Machine?
What happens if you copy the files using only Finder or some other utility like Path Finder?

VD doesn't create any "DocumentRevisions-V100-bad-1" or any other "DocumentRevisions*" files, MacOS does, this issue doesn't seem related to VisualDiffer

I'm not sure copying DocumentRevisions* folders is useful but to be sure you must google it


2021-03-08 19:58

reporter   ~0000637

Thank you so much for this clarification, that it's a Mac OS thing!

I copied the DocumentRevisions-V100-1 folder in Finder. After that, the issue was resolved.

I don't know if copying the DocumentRevisions folder is useful either.


2021-03-09 06:53

administrator   ~0000638

glad you resolved.

I know DocumentRevisions could be very big and not really useful when restoring is necessary but having a copy is better than nothing

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