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0000343VisualDifferFolders differpublic2021-11-18 06:54
ReportermomaAssigned Toadmin 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.8.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000343: Cannot copy files
DescriptionI cannot copy files in Visual Differ anymore, always get an error message like "File.jpg couldn’t be copied because you don’t have permission to access Folder"

I can copy the same files to the same locations without problems in finder. I granted Visual Differ all disk persmissions. I also tried to run it via sudo in the terminal but get an error message there saying "Illegal instruction: 4".

It used to work fine for me but hasn't worked in a while because of this issue. Would really love to keep using Visual Differ!
Steps To ReproduceRight click on file after comparison -> Copy to right / left
Additional InformationmacOS Catalina 10.15.7
VisualDifffer 1.8.3
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2021-11-17 06:15

administrator   ~0000692

Are files on internal or external disk?

Try to create two directories 'left' and 'right' on Documents and put some files on 'left' then try to copy using VisualDiffer

As last resort try to uninstall and reinstall


2021-11-17 14:58

reporter   ~0000694

Copying within the Documents folder as you described works!

I am trying to copy within the Applications folder which used to work but doesn't work anymore. So I think it's a permission issue. Is there anything that can be done to allow this? I did give VisualDiffer Full Disk Access in Security & Privacy but that doesn't seem to help.


2021-11-17 15:01

reporter   ~0000695

(I re-install VisualDiffer, that didn't help)


2021-11-18 06:54

administrator   ~0000696

You can try to add /Applications to Trusted Paths (VisualDiffer Preferences -> Trusted Path tab)
AFAIK Only admin users can copy to /Applications (Finders is a process under high levle), are your user an admin?

Honestly this problem seems related to OS and non directly to VisualDiffer, maybe Apple sandbox blocks some file copy operations

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