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0000347VisualDifferFolders differpublic2022-01-24 06:26
Reporterretomi Assigned Toadmin  
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Product Version1.8.6 
Summary0000347: FreeFileSync compare not working
DescriptionFreeFileSync compare not working, it always open file dialog: /Applications/ %item_path% %item_path2%
Steps To Reproduce/Applications/ %item_path% %item_path2%
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2022-01-12 07:32

administrator   ~0000717

Be sure Trusted Path contains the folder you are opening


2022-01-12 08:40

reporter   ~0000718

Yes, I have already configured the Trusted Paths. From the command line with the same paths it works, starting from FreeFileSync instead it does not.


2022-01-12 10:05

administrator   ~0000719

Found the problem but is on FSC side.

FSC can't send AppleEvents (used by visdiff)

The allowed apps are listed under "Security & Privacy" -> Privacy -> Automation


2022-01-12 11:37

reporter   ~0000720

I had already configured in preferences


2022-01-12 15:09

administrator   ~0000721

This is for the Terminale App, but FSC doesn't allow to run AppleEvents, I think you mush ask to its developer

Apple says, the calling process (in this case FSC) must have permissions to run other processes using AppleEvents, I think FSC do not support this feature


2022-01-12 16:34

reporter   ~0000722

I have found a solution that works. This is the command to use in FreeFileSync:
open -a /Applications/ --args %local_path% %local_path2%

You can close the ticket, thanks for the support :)


2022-01-12 17:02

administrator   ~0000723


Grazie per usare questo piccolo programma tutto italiano ;)

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