Released 2013-09-18
0000191: [General] Add a back button on search results to get back to the "Compare Folders or Files" dialog (admin)
0000194: [General] Save the trusted paths, even if they don't exist anymore (admin)
0000193: [General] Can't save the file in the right panel (admin)
0000186: [Files differ] Suggestion/request: optional ignore case of filenames (admin)
0000184: [Folders differ] Align files names with user defined rules (admin)
0000195: [Folders differ] Not recognizing the difference between files that have had their resource forks stripped. (admin)
0000163: [Folders differ] Folder size totals are often incorrect (Resource Forks) (admin)
0000162: [Files differ] When comparing files, need check resource fork also (admin)
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